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What is Be Intent?

BeIntent logo Be Intent is an app and well-being tool that helps measure and enhance energy levels, increase engagements and improve productivity.
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Making it easy to
be your best

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Get the most
from each day

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Build resilience,
and mindfulness

What's Included?

Includes tools from the best of the brain sciences, resilience, mindfulness, building your gratitude wall, goal setting, action plans, journaling, your wellbeing dash board and a host of inbuilt tools that constantly evolve to your needs.

Reduce Overwhelm & Stress

Helping educators cope with ever increasing workloads and other daily stresses

Increase Energy

Helping you be your best self every single day

Delivers solutions

The tool identifies what is needed, delivers solutions and measures the results

WHO is Be Intent for?

Helping educators reduce stress and overwhelm caused by high workloads and other daily pressures

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Helping staff to reduce overwhelm and stress and increase productivity every single day

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Helping you to be your best self every single day

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