BE Intent Teachers helps teachers reduce stress and overwhelm caused by such issues as:

  • High workloads - Including: assessment, lesson planning and resource creation
  • High expectations from parents
  • High expectations from the school
  • Behaviour issues
  • Workplace bullying

BE Intent Teachers give the leadership team daily insights that help manage staff and catch the hot spots and could results in greater teacher retention.

Each app includes these 9 awesome tools:


Change your state of mind for more energy and productivity.

Learn how to be mindful about your mood and how to get to where you need to be.


120 Personalised topics for refocussing, energising, motivating you throughout the day.

Learn mindfulness, gratitude, and self-care.


Measure and manager your energy, productivity, and enthusiasm.

Learn to check in with yourself and constantly improve.


The best tool for setting smart goals.

Learn to overcome your roadblocks so you can achieve your dreams.


First aid for the brain. Tools to create calm, energy, focus and inspiration.

Learn to take productive breaks to energise the mind, body, and soul.


Quizzes and exercises to help understand yourself and your energy.

Learn how to manage your energy and where the gaps are.


Measure and reflect on your metrics in an easy way.

Learn the links between your state-of-mind and energy, and watch it change.


Online journal for self-reflection and keeping your ideas alive.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself.


A whole raft of resources to help you in all aspects of your life.

Learn to easily access all sorts of tools to be your best self.

Richard Branson:

Be Intent has clearly identified a tool and platform to enhance ones better physical and emotional well being. The platform is easy to use and could be an app that would be helpful to many, both in the workplace and outside for personal use.

Cliff Rosenberg - MD of Linkedin:

A successful entrepreneur who is once again backing what they strongly believe in. Great to see the commitment and perseverance. Impressive results to date. I was also impressed by the comprehensiveness of the app and the platform back end. A lot of very clever thinking has gone into this. Whilst there are a host of wellness apps out there I think this is one of the better ones and is getting some good uptake by companies and individuals who take wellness seriously and really want to see and measure a positive change over time.